Motorola Moto G30 Review (2021) Specifications & Price

Motorola offers three competitors with a number on the set to go from January. Leaving progress looking for variety, the triplet incorporates various midrange levels, and the Moto G30 is the most quoted. The G30 highlights a large group of beautiful specs, which many buyers expect within a mid-range phone. Its set of quad-camera front and rear cameras combined with a good front camera ensures a burst of quality under a variety of lighting conditions. This product further offers incredible RAM numbers and battery numbers, which ensures the feeling of the client surrounding it all.


The G30 has a new system and seems to be compared differently to Motorola’s highly developed smartphones. The front side has a 6.5inch display with a nice dewdrop indent at the top. The display has a value of 20.5: 9 which makes the phone limited and easy to understand.

The G30 is built with plastic. The buttons are on the adjacent side. The power button has a finished pattern engraved on it makes it easy to see. The volume rockers are high, and the G-Assistant button is straight up, making it difficult to reach a certain level, Motorola is likely to move this button to the opposite side, with just a SIM plate. There is an IP52 water resistance rating and the actual plate has an elastic marker to keep water out.

The sloping design on the backboard helps to hide the fingerprints. The Type C port is located on the base next to the main mouth and amplifier, while the 3.5mm jack and auxiliary receiver are located at the highest size. It is on the back of the Moto G30 but bends at the edges. A quad camera setup is present in the top left corner and a unique fingerprint sensor with the Motorola logo. The unique fingerprint scanner was acceptable, as my finger was placed on it normally while holding the phone.

Motorola Moto G30: Display

The Moto G30 features a sub-IPS LCD 6.5-inch bezel, including an indent waterdrop system on the front. Unless there is a 20: 9 ratio, Moto G30offers a 720 x 1600 pixels resolution alongside a pixel density of 270ppi. The smartphone also weighs 197g, but, there is no glass or metal on the back to overload it.


The G30 has a camera frame that is at the forefront of the G setting at the moment. It is featured with a 64MP main module, combined with a large 8MP unit and two additional ‘cameras’ for zoom in and out. The main camera of G30 uses Samsung’s 0.7µm sensor systems, which comes out in a size of 1 / 1.97 ″. Contains 4 to 1 pixel, delivering a 16Mega-pixel default image size. The sensors are a combination of 26mm lenses that can be compared to a fine, unresolved f / 1.7 aperture. The ultrawide camera is 8 Mega-pixel.

The Video recording is completed on 1080p for the key to the back of the camera, just like the selfie shooter. The Video is a foregone conclusion, and this phone has improved the profession in the light than in the evening. Moto G30 attempts to resolve the film, around the evening, yet the yields were of an observable fashion.


The sunlight of the pictures taken with the Moto G30 ended up fine, with good features and precise toner. Texting is a great way of stays. It seems to be the case, the phone will sharpen the images slightly. The AI went back to feeling again, the one to the stage, and gave the APPLICATION when needed. Pictures taken with the super wide-point camera don’t have as many of the details are available in a much wider area. There was no fat female genital mutilation in return.

Close-up shots were sharp and had a lot of detail. Moto G30 rushed to the bolt on the center and the delicious bokeh effect for the fund. The Representation of the shot also ended up in the extraordinary, and the handset is treated with a decent separation between the subject and the foundation. This phone also allows you to set the level of the obscure, to contribute. Great camera, you can get very close to a subject that is still the goal, is limited to 2-megapixel resolution. I discovered the other species of the macros to be normal.


In the dim light, the smartphone requires about three seconds, and to make a difference in the normal shooting mode. Returns are fair, but the detail was revealed in the shadows. AI is also being applied, even to the reduction of grain yield. At Night, the Windows G30, which takes about six seconds, and to make a difference, and the resulting images were too great. Moto G30, was far too powerful, with the Night mode, to get off the features, but for these images, the better the hues in the shadows.

The 13-megapixel selfie camera is acceptable in the light of day. The photographs were taken in an excellent climate and had a powerful APPLICATION to apply. The Representation of the model is customized for the selfie camera, and it works efficiently to isolate the subject from the ground up. Low-light selfies were satisfactory, but they are captured by the night would be a good idea to color.


The G30 outperforms at low cost and has no problem with staying easy for my easy use. A 662 Snapdragonchipsetmakles this phone more powerful.
That’s about the basics of using Android properly these days, and all the apps I’ve used have worked well. There is a tight suspension cycle when preparing for photography and the UI switches that go with it but this has never been turned into a power outage or a disappointment to send.
Gamers see that the Moto G30 will work for your first games, but not in the highest quality settings. The G30 works with 128GB of internal storage, which should be enough for most, and you can add a MicroSD card.

I don’t have a problem with the battery, and the Moto G30 held me for a day and a half in an efficient way with my exercise. In our HD video circle test, the G30 ran for 19 hrs, 43 mins, which is a fun time, but it was marginally lower than the Moto G10 can be overlooked.” As Motorola’s sleep with a 20W charger, in this case, the load was generally rapid. The cell phone was 34 percent, quick, and 63 percent for the first 60 minutes.


The measured G10 Power, and the G30 very close to each other, and the choice between them is not as simple as that. Moto G30 has no preferred embodiment of the Moto G10 Power, but it has a much more modest battery pack. Actually, it’s not the fastest in this value range, and in the event, you’re seeking specifically for the performance, Realme Narzo 30 (Review) offers the better.

Moto G30, not, in particular, to dominate in a little, but find out how to do it with a touch of the. It has great cameras, but the product is freed from the trap, the battery performance is stable, and the high level of strengthening of the prices of the show is under significant pressure. You can’t be a bad Starting G30, however, if you will have to exchange the camera and general performance of the battery, the Moto G10, might need to look at as well.

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