Vivo X60 Pro (2021) Price, Specifications & Features

The Vivo X60 Pro is probably the best smartphone we’ve had this year and that could be one important reason why you can look at it with the OnePlus-es. Vivo is ready to create explosions with the recently launched X60 series. It includes three premium quality smartphones. In this update, we will discuss the X60 Pro – which makes it the fastest competitor to the OnePlus.

Design and display:

The X60 Pro has a massive AMOLED Display. The X60 Pro that the following few pages will commit to, is inspired by the excellent Snapdragon 870 chip. The smartphone has an excellent 120Hz AMOLED display that leaves a bit to be desired – a flexible framework for the most part.

I felt the power, and adjust the buttons are nice, and reach out to them was never really a problem. Both these buttons are also made of metal, and the keys have a textured surface, which makes it easily identifiable. On the left-hand side of the phone, there are no doors, no holes, and is just an extra microphone that is placed on the top. At the bottom of the X60 Pro is a Sim card tray, as one of the main microphone and dynamic.

The Amoled screen is that the bend in the correct direction, which is a part of the Data X60 Pro, and it all looks and feels premium. In the middle of the rim and had a thin side in order to accommodate the curved glass of the screen and the back of the unit. The curved screen and back cover make it easy to store.


All selected Gorilla Glass 6 for the back, the way it should be capable of withstanding scratches. The backside has a matte finish, which helps to protect your device from fingerprints, etc. Vivo has changed the design of the camera module, which is now common in all of the X-series. This time around, the camera module to the Zeiss logo, thank you to All of the partnerships with the Market for the lens of a camera. All X60 Pro doesn’t fit in and does not have an IP rating, which is kind of expected at this price point in the market. It also keeps a close eye on the wireless charging options.

The X60 Pro puts a Quad camera set behind it including the 48Megapixel Primary Camera, 13Megapixel wide angle Lens, 13Megapixel Depth Camera, and 8Megapixel Camera. It is also equipped with a single 32Megapixel selfie camera on the front side that captures clear autonomy. The X60 Pro includes ‘People Photography’ claims verified by Zeiss optics and tagging.

Vivo V60 Pro: Cameras

At low light, the X60 Pro operates with some degree of night-time deception as in reality, in photo mode, as it ensures the progress marker on the viewer, however, is much faster and does not interfere with normal flow. The images from the main camera look attractive, all around the visual boundaries and unique accessibility. Shadow immersion continues to be on the ‘exaggerated’ side of the ideal environment. The ideal night mode has a certain effect, which is not as noticeable as possible. It brings out the best openings, giving the middle tones a delicate tone.

The camera app is a more advanced and clear model than the one we had on the V20. The main modes are swapped with sideswipes as in other different phones, and the ‘More’ tab allows you to get to the most unusual situations. From that point, you can also change the paths you found in the viewfinder. The ultrawide camera is one of the best units you can find during midrange. The sharpness is amazing as the ultrawide moves, while the chaos is almost non-existent. Powerful accessibility is wide, and the colors retain a watery look with an extra light track to add more.


All X60 Pro’s delivering a stunning performance, but for slack, or stammering. The user interface is a smooth and easy-to-view menu system. I have to set the speed, in order to enable 120 Hz, and the game is rich smooth, and easy. I found out that the show was in, with fresh, bright, and vantage points, and with great pomp and ceremony. See the notes on the board, and the view will feel connected, but it is the location of the audio system speakers, even better would be to have the job. The uniqueness of the fingerprint scanner on the X60 Pro is not in a hurry to open up your phone and will never be a need for the second attempt, I’d say.

With my help, as I needed to in order to get the X60 Pro, for a day, and it wasn’t necessarily a serious problem. Unauthorized use of the games and the camera is, in general, that’s going to drain the battery several times. The phone ran for 14 hrs straight in our video of laps of the test, which is a very good result with regard to the 4,200 mAh battery capacity, the 33W fast charger is equipped with a quick-extended battery life of up to 53 percent to 96 percent in 60 minutes.

Battery, Storage and communication:

The smartphone gets its 4,200mAh battery with Fast Charging innovation. The immutable cell has a Li-Polymer variant. This Pro smartphone comes loaded with 128GB of non-removable internal storage. The phone supports 5G as 4G VoLTE groups, with the exception of different features.

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When it is time for the price the X60 Pro starts at rupees ₹ 49,990 / $ 695.00. It features great highlights, excellent cameras, a very long-lasting battery, an AMOLED display that looks great, and lastly the Vivo brand. Now, these are the important things for you that the Vivo X60 Pro is for you.

Vivo V60 Pro: Colors


All X60 Pro is a decent substitute for the in-Vivo X50 Pro and the improvement of the regions, which have played a vital role over the past few years. A decent turn of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 SoC. The quality of the photos and the videos are very good, compared to the archetype.

It costs RS 49,990. Phone performance depends entirely upon your acceptance. The OnePlus 9 is full of beautiful, processor designs and is able to provide better planning of the updates depends on the OnePlus updates. Mi 11X Pro has a similar CPU, with two, three, or four cameras, with a totally low price of RS 39,990.

The fundamental strength of the X60 Pro is its regulation and the gimbal system that you want to upload a video of the performance of a competitive market. So, in the event that you are hoping to take away a ton of videos on your mobile phone, All X60 Pro is going to have to have all the necessary characteristics, the handsome and dandy.

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